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A 12 week study at Arizona State University showed VertiMax was 6X more effective at developing explosive power than traditional plyometrics! VertiMax provides the unique training advantage of allowing “Light Load, High Speed” training which is an advanced form of plyometrics that provides superior gains in power and speed performance. When you’ve “hit the wall” and your training program is not delivering results, VertiMax will! Arizona State University’s (ASU) recent 12 week study on Division 1 athletes showed that when traditional plyometrics in a strength and conditioning program were replaced by VertiMax, athletes developed 6X more leg power than athletes training with traditional plyometrics. All Division 1 athletes in this study (in both the Control group and VertiMax group) had been utilizing conventional sports conditioning techniques and performing plyometric training for a minimum of two years. As athletes become more highly trained, the resultant positive adaptations to strength and plyometric training diminish. We have all either experienced first-hand or see the majority of athletes we know at performance plateaus were significant strength, power and speed gains from training become very difficult to achieve. Vertimax will deliver dramatic power gains even to highly trained athletes where such gains are most difficult to achieve.